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Dream of the hanging gardens : male Iraqi refugees and exiles in Jordan, their migration and adaptation experiences Al-Mashat, Kasim Mohamed


This study shares the stories of ten Iraqi refugees and exiles who experienced war in Iraq and migrated to Jordan. Through the methodology of narrative inquiry, this study gives voice to their stories of adversity and loss. It investigates the meaning they make of their experiences and how that helped them cope and adapt. Using thematic analysis, themes were highlighted within each narrative. Then, three common themes were identified amongst all ten narratives: 1) the role of religious beliefs and their linguistic expressions in coping, 2) the inner strength gained from experiencing war and from identification with the Iraqi nationality, and 3) the search for a purpose and the desire to make a contribution. This research contributes to the field of counselling psychology by providing rich and detailed contextual understanding of the ways in which Iraqis coped with their war and migration experiences. This study also examines the role of the researcher, as well as the limitations of the research, future research suggestions, and the implications for counselling psychology.

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