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The Gift Horse : creating and directing a winter show for Caravan Farm Theatre Dobbie, Courtenay


The Gift Horse: Creating and Directing a Winter Show for Caravan Farm Theatre, examines the preparation, directorial analysis, and rehearsal process of The Gift Horse, staged at Caravan Farm Theatre from December 10th to 31st 2011. My objective was to co-write, co-create, compose music for, and direct a meaningful family winter production for Caravan. To achieve this, my writing and creation partner, Erin Mathews, and myself, began researching and writing The Gift Horse in June of 2011. Upon completion of the script, my directorial preparation began. As a Caravan Farm Theatre winter production is told and performed at various locations over its eighty-acre property, with the audience witnessing the production from the back of eight horse-drawn sleighs, my directorial methods and goals were atypical to how one might prepare for an indoor theatre show, as detailed in this paper. To that end, Chapter One provides a detailed directorial analysis of The Gift Horse, Chapter Two is a Production Journal reporting on the entire creation period of the play from the writing, to designing, to rehearsing, to its opening night, and Chapter 3 is a short reflection on the entire process.

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