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Can 4D visioning foster community responses on climate change? Cornish, Laura M.


This research addresses the need for processes at the local government level that can effectively move communities towards taking meaningful action on climate change. It evaluates the long-term impact of one such process – the Local Climate Change Visioning Project (LCCV): a community engagement and decision support process in two case study communities: Delta and North Vancouver. The LCCV process uses landscape visualization tools integrated with participatory modeling and future scenario development to illustrate to local government staff, stakeholders, and the broader public what their community could look like under various future scenarios of climate change adaptation and mitigation. Through a document analysis and 12 semi-structured interviews with stakeholders who participated in the LCCV, this research project attempts to discover if the process can facilitate the adoption of climate change mitigation and adaptation responses at the municipal level. While the LCCV was not able to shift the development path of the local communities, the LCCV did help to facilitate action on climate change.

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