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Broadband feed antenna design Johnson, André Mark Allan


This thesis describes the development of a log-periodic waveguide feed antenna from concept to design and finally to prototyping and testing. An electromagnetic simulator (CST) was used to evaluate different design concepts and a design based on a nested coaxial waveguide structure was selected. A design was developed that included a common excitation structure for all the waveguides and an aperture matching structure that scales periodically with frequency. In the design, each waveguide has a bandwidth ratio of 2:1 and the total bandwidth of the design is 1 GHz to 8 GHz. A physical model was created using the SolidWorks design software and a prototype was manufactured and tested. Simulation results were in good agreement with the experimental results over the majority of the antenna's bandwidth. The antenna design had good farfield patterns across most of the antenna's bandwidth with frequency-specific farfield issues. The return loss of the antenna varied greatly with frequency, being greater than 2 dB across the entire bandwidth of the antenna and greater than 6 dB for the majority of the bandwidth of the antenna. There were significant difficulties in achieving a good return loss at the aperture which limited the return loss of the antenna. This work demonstrates the potential of employing a nested coaxial waveguide structure for wideband feed applications.

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