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Investigations on the contribution of AtNRT2.6 gene to nitrate transport in Arabidopsis thaliana Nandanavanam, Ranganayaki


Completion of the Arabidopsis genome helped to identify seven members of the NRT2 family (Nitrate Regulated Transport) that encode high-affinity nitrate transport. Extensive genetic and physiological studies have confirmed the primary role of AtNRT2.1 in induced high-affinity nitrate transport (IHATS). Moreover it is evident that AtNRT2.1 demonstrates functional association with another gene, AtNAR2 that functions as a part of a two-component system at the plasma membrane for the IHATS. Here we have investigated the contribution of AtNRT2.6 gene to nitrate transport by combining molecular and physiological studies in Arabidopsis thaliana WT, Atnrt2.6 T-DNA mutant and a AtNRT2.6:GFP transformant line of Arabidopsis thaliana. RT-PCR data from un-induced and nitrate re-induced plants demonstrated the constitutive expression of AtNRT2.6 gene in roots, shoots and in flowers. The transcript levels and tissue specific expression of AtNRT2.6:GFP in root cortical cells and in pollen have confirmed the previous AtNRT2.6

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