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Collaborating on homelessness in New Westminster BC: enhancing community cohesiveness and streamlining social services to address chronic homelessness in New Westminster, British Columbia Eguchi, Leya


This research is a community-based research study of a multiagency collaboration pilot project designed to improve outcomes for clients with high and complex needs who are currently unhoused or at risk of losing their housing. A group of community-based social agencies developed and piloted the collaborative outreach and support model for one year. The objective was to find out if working collaboratively would help streamline services and improve outcomes for these clients. Six out of ten clients completed the pilot program and have remained in long term housing with significant psychosocial improvements. Interviews with front-line staff and managers reveal that the collaborative project helped improve their sense of community and interagency communication, resulting in better outcomes for service recipients. The initiative demonstrates the effectiveness of consensus-based, community-driven collaboration in cultivating a better sense of community among social service workers.

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