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Framing protest : the Globe and Mail and the G8-G20 when protest becomes a riot story Duggan, Evan Braden


In June 2010, the world’s political and economic leaders arrived in Ontario for the first-ever joint G8-G20. The event presented a theatre for an array of protesters and social movements to attract media attention to a variety of social justice issues and concerns. The predominant narrative that emerged in the Canadian media however seemed to cloud the complexity, nuance and diversity of protesters and reduce the dominant narrative to a singular and simplistic riot story. This study examines how the Globe and Mail framed its narrative surrounding protesters at the summit. To do this, it takes a sample of the Globe’s coverage of protesters at the G8-G20 and assesses how the paper: sourced its articles, marginalized protesters, trivialized protesters and whether it provided alternative, dissenting viewpoints. The aim of this research is to assess how Canada’s foremost national paper of record situated itself within large-scale challenge to social, political and economic normative order in Canada. This paper also explores concepts such as hegemony in the news, media effects, and the changing media landscape.

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