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Comparison of fosmid libraries made from two geographic isolates of Caenorhabditis elegans Perkins, Jaryn Daniel


To fill a need in the Caenorhabditis elegans community for genomic DNA held in manageably sized clones for complementation assays, a fosmid library was made from the N2 strain. These fosmid clones were aligned to the canonical sequence and cover 80% of the genome, but there were 396 gaps in contiguous coverage spread over the worm’s six chromosomes. In an attempt to fill in some of these gaps in the original fosmid clones’ sequence, we made another library from the Hawaiian geographic isolate CB4856. Our hope was that the divergence, inherent in the deletions containing 517 genes, between the two genomes would aid in the capture of previously gapped regions. This hope was justified. This thesis outlines the production and comparison of the two C. elegans fosmid libraries made from N2 and CB4856 and provides evidence that the way genomic libraries are made can affect the sequences packaged. Combining the two libraries, we now have a total coverage of 92.8% of genes and 90.43% of sequence in relation to the N2 canonical genome.

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