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Assessment of cumulative effects of urban and agricultural land uses on indicators of water and stream quality Wilson, Julie Elizabeth


This study assessed the cumulative effects of intensive urban and agricultural land use in Marshall Creek, B.C. The focus was to document how groundwater from the Abbotsford Aquifer and surface water from urban and agricultural tributaries contribute to cumulative stream quality downstream. Landscape stressors such as livestock numbers, Total Impervious Area (TIA) and human population numbers were related to the quality of water, bed sediment, suspended sediment and biofilms. Biofilms and suspended sediments were selected to provide an integrated indicator of potentially bioavailable contaminants. Nitrate-N concentrations in Marshall Creek are strongly influenced by groundwater discharges from the Abbotsford Aquifer, which has elevated nitrate-N concentrations due to non-point source agricultural activities. Nitrate decreased in the downstream due to significantly lower nitrate-N inputs from the tributaries (M-W U, p

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