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Effect of Biotene® Oralbalance moisturizing liquid and MouthKote® oral moisturizer spray on human enamel measured by quantitative light-induced fluorescence method Gorovenko, Mariana R.


Objectives: The purpose of this randomized controlled experimental study was to examine how the xerostomia products Biotene® Oralbalance moisturizing liquid and MouthKote® oral moisturizer spray influence mineral content of human enamel in vitro. Methods: 104 caries free extracted human teeth were selected and prepared, followed by baseline QLF imaging and exposure to an erosive solution of lactic acid (pH of 4.5) and/or Biotene®, MouthKote®, as well as Oral-B fluoridated rinse. Mineral loss was determined with respect to mean fluorescence loss (ΔF, %), maximum fluorescence loss (ΔQ, %), and lesion area (WS, %/mm²). Within-group and among-group comparisons were made employing independent sample t-tests, paired sample t-tests, and ANOVA for multiple comparisons with Bonferroni post hoc adjustment, or their non-parametric equivalents. For all tests, the threshold for the statistical significance was set at P < 0.05. The statistical software SPSS 17.0 was used for data analyses. Results: The xerostomia products induced significant demineralization in extracted human teeth with prior demineralization (P=0.000) and without previous pre-demineralization (P = 0.000). There were substantial and statistically significant differences in mineral loss among all groups. The amount of demineralization (Mean ± SD) was higher in MouthKote® group 2 (-27.19 ± 6.70) and group 4 (-11.45 ± 2.94) than in Biotene group 1 (-11.15 ± 3.05) and group 3 (-7.38 ± 0.44) respectively. Oral-B fluoridated rinse aided in re-mineralization, albeit not to baseline levels. Conclusions: Biotene® and MouthKote® induced substantial mineral loss in pre-demineralized and unaltered enamel of extracted human teeth. MouthKote® induced greater demineralization than Biotene®. Oral-B rinse induced re-mineralization in all experimental groups except for group 2 (lactic acid/MouthKote®) where further dissolution of enamel was observed.

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