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Holographic condensed matter theories and gravitational instability He, Jianyang


The AdS/CFT correspondence, which connects a d-dimensional field theory to a (d+1)-dimensional gravity, provides us with a new method to understand and explore physics. One of its recent interesting applications is holographic condensed matter theory. We investigate some holographic superconductivity models and discuss their properties. Both Abelian and non-Abelian models are studied, and we argue the p-wave solution is a hard-gapped superconductor. In a holographic system containing Fermions, the properties of a non-Fermi liquid with a Fermi surface are found. We show that a Landau level structure exists when external magnetic field is turned on, and argue for the existence of Fermi liquid when using the global coordinate system of AdS. Finite temperature results of the Fermion system are also given. In addition, a gravitational instability interpreted as a bubble of nothing is described, together with its field theory dual.

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