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Fabrication and characterization of InP semiconductor ring lasers Vafaei, Raha


This thesis investigates the fabrication of 1550 nm emitting InP semiconductor racetrack resonator lasers (SRLs) via wet etching techniques. The method of choice for SRL fabrication is reported to be via dry etching. Dry etching is a complex, time consuming and expensive process which leaves relatively rougher surfaces and sidewalls compared to wet etching techniques. In this thesis, coupling, racetrack resonators, and edge emitter laser theory were studied for the SRL design. Then, a fabrication process for the SRLs was developed via wet etching techniques. The light emitting diode (LED) characteristics of the fabricated devices were observed and successfully measured. The spectrum of the device was also measured with optical spectrum analyzer (OSA) and resonances were observed. However, lasing was not observed. The cleaving process is a major limiting step in the fabrication and it is being improved. In parallel to the wet etching fabrication at UBC, dry etching (the common method for SRL fabrication) is being performed at the Centre de Recherche en Nanofabrication et Nanocaractérisation (CNR2) at the Université de Sherbrooke.

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