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A network approach for thermo-electrical modelling : from IC interconnects to textile composites Chiun-Shen, Liao


Simulations of the temperature distribution in regular IC interconnect networks and textile composites are achieved by means of an analytical-symbolic approach. Analytical heating solutions along each interconnect can provide accurate solutions with far fewer nodes than numerical solutions. To simulate the case of textile composite, the textile composite is modelled by a network of interconnects. The necessary input information is contained in netlist files, similar to the SPICE (Simulation Program with Integrated Circuit Emphasis) input format. Analytical solutions to the heat equation along each interconnect can provide accuracy and require the minimum number of symbolic network nodes. The LU decomposition of the symbolic network scales as the cube of the number of nodes. Multiple evaluations, including iterating temperature-dependent thermal conductivity to achieve a self-consistent solution, scale linearly with the number of nodes and hardly affect the total solution time. Memory consumption, CPU time, and solutions of the new network calculation method compare favorably to a finite element analysis using ABAQUS.

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