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Shiraz for piano solo by Claude Vivier : an analysis for the performer Bergeron, David


Claude Vivier wrote Shiraz in 1977, after returning from a trip to Bali and Iran. Linked to the compositional style of his mentors Gilles Tremblay and Karlheinz Stockhausen, Shiraz is the embryo of what would become Vivier’s own mature compositional and expressive language. Its scope and its importance in Vivier’s catalogue make it an essential subject for an exploration of Vivier’s compositional techniques. This thesis aims not only to give a broad sense of Vivier’s musical language, but also to communicate specific insights relevant to pianists who wish to understand better the subtleties of this particular composition. An investigation of selected works written by Vivier in 1975, a comparison with Schumann’s Toccata opus 7, and a consideration of influences from Stockhausen and Messiaen form the background for a thorough analysis of the piece (including its form, pitch structure, and rhythmic techniques). Problems of memorization and fingering are also discussed. The thesis can help the performer who wishes to add Shiraz to his or her repertoire, to understand and successfully prepare the work for performance and interpretation.

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