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Scenography of MK Woyzeck Moore, Conor


This paper describes and discusses the lighting, video, and scenery design of MK Woyzeck, presented at the Frederic Wood Theatre from October 1st to 10th 2009. The design will be presented primarily through a series of photographs taken by various photographers at several points during the design, cueing, and performance phases of the production. Emphasis will be placed on the use of digital projectors to provide full illumination of the actors, referred to as Digital Video Illumination (DVI), as well as the role of the projection/set/lighting designer as an active deviser within the rehearsal process. Chapter 1 will provide a brief overview of the production concept for the piece and it’s impact on design strategies. Chapter 2 illustrates the overall execution of the design through a collection of photographs with accompanying captions describing the intention behind each of the cues depicted. In a similar fashion, Chapter 3 describes some of the advantages and challenges inherent within the DVI system and the particular projection instruments employed in this production. Chapter 4 is devoted to the actual mechanics of DVI cue construction. These are illustrated through the description of five sample cues representative of the major ways in which DVI was applied to this production. Chapter 5 summarizes the outcomes of this experimental design process through a brief conclusion.

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