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A costume design for The Learned Ladies Alatorre, Carmen


The purpose of this thesis is to document and describe the costume design project behind the University of British Columbia (UBC) production of The Learned Ladies. This comedy, written by seventeenth century French playwright Molière (Jean Baptiste de Poquelin) in 1672, is a five -act play composed in verse. Our Production ran from February 7-16, 2008 in the Frederic Wood Theatre and was performed by students in the Bachelor of Fine Arts Acting Program. MFA candidate Patrick Gauthier directed the production and the creative team included Stephania Schwartz (Set Designer), Kristin Robinson (Lighting Designer). The construction of the costumes by a team of undergraduate costume design students, was supervised by Jean Driscoll-Bell (Head of Wardrobe) and her assistant Charlotte Burke. My own assistants were BFA students Chantelle Balfour, Jessica Jeffrey and Elena Dubova. Alison Green served as my thesis advisor. The paper starts with a brief synopsis of the play and its significance at the time it was performed in Europe, followed by a description of the creative process and the production concept. The following chapters explain in detail the costume design concept and its elements character by character as well as the technicalities of the costume production.

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