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Content validation of competency assessment tools : education pathway project Bigl, Julie Elizabeth


There is a diminishing workforce of nurses within British Columbia which affects the ability to provide quality health care, as well as education training and continual support to nurses. The Educator Pathway Project is a pilot project developed using intersectoral methods with the goals of creating an educational model that will allow nurses to acquire and retain skill in various levels of education roles. Four levels of nurse educator roles were identified. For each of the four levels, a competency assessment tool was created, first to guide the curriculum development, and secondly for self-assessment of the nurses participating in the project. The purpose of this study was to determine the validity of each of the four competency assessment tools of the Educator Pathway Project. In this study, competency assessment tools for levels 1 thru 4 were validated using a qualitative comparative methodology. Each tool was validated on two levels — through the 6 core competencies and secondly through the individual indicators of the core competencies. It was found that all core competencies for each of the four levels was validated. Over 70% of the indicators were validated within the literature. Overall it was determined the all four of the competency assessment tools were found to have high validity.

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