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Factors influencing the fluid flow and heat transfer in electron beam melting of Ti-6Al-4V Meng, Tao


Electron Beam Cold Hearth Remelting (EBCHR) and its associated casting process is an important consolidation technique for the treatment of virgin titanium sponge and scrap. The development of robust models to describe the casting process hinge on accurately capturing heat transfer phenomena within the ingot and fluid flow phenomena within the liquid pool. The flow field that develops within the liquid pool is influenced by several factors including buoyancy driven flow due to thermal gradients within the pool, surface tension, or Marangoni, driven flow due to the large thermal gradients induced on the surface by the Electron Beam and the ability of the mushy, or semi-solid, zone to attenuate the flow. A mathematical model describing fluid flow and heat transfer in a Ti6Al4V button sample during electron beam melting has been developed to examine the relative contribution of the three factors cited above on the pool profile and flow field within the pool. The model has also been used to compare the steady state solution for a time averaged circular beam pattern with a transient solution obtained for the case where the beam pattern is comprised of a series of discrete points scribing the same circle. The latter, in which the beam spot is periodically stationary for small but finite periods, is intended to more closely mimic the industrial process. The model is also used to examine the sensitivity of the predictions to changes in numerical and process parameters. The results indicate that the electron beam power and heat transfer coefficient have the largest influence on the liquid pool profile while the surface tension coefficient has little effect (i.e. 25% change in electron beam power results in ~25% liquid pool profile while 100% change in time step results in less than 1% in prediction).

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