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Translating requirements specified in goals to UML diagrams Sun, Fei


The concept of goal is an essential concept in requirements engineering (RE) field and has been widely adopted as an effective way to capture users’ requirements. Goal-oriented requirements engineering receives substantial attention. On the other hand, information system must completely represent users’ requirements in order to be considered as a success. Research has shown that one way to achieve this is to provide developers with system diagrams that fully capture business requirements. However, few guidelines have been proposed in RE field to precisely map users’ requirements (specified in goals) to systems analysis and design diagrams. To overcome this gap, we propose in this thesis a systematic and structured set of guidelines to translate users’ requirements specified in goals to UML diagrams, which are considered as a formal modeling language used by practitioners. As the goal concept has been well accepted in requirements engineering (RE) to model business requirements, our methodology suggests a goal template approach to capture users’ requirements in terms of goals. The goal templates approach and translation guidelines are illustrated using an auto dealership case study. The usefulness of the proposed translation guidelines is tested in a preliminary empirical study and the result is promising.

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