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Comparaison entre les traits dialectaux d'un épisode du Voyage de Saint Brandan (anglo-normand médiéval) et de deux poèmes en jersiais moderne Kraus, Amie


This study is a linguistic analysis and comparison of the dialectal traits which are found in three selected literary texts in two Norman French dialects. The first text studied in this thesis, an excerpt from Le Voyage de Saint Brandan, dates from the 12th century and is Anglo-Norman, the French dialect spoken in England from the 11th until the 15th century. The other two texts are poems written in Jersey French, the Norman French dialect which is still spoken on the Channel Island of Jersey, and date from the 20th century. This thesis thus examines two dialects which are separated geographically and three texts which date from very different historical periods. The purpose of this linguistic study is three-fold. First, this thesis presents a synchronic analysis of the orthographic, phonetic, morphological, and lexical traits which are found in the chosen excerpt from the medieval Anglo-Norman text, Le Voyage de Saint Brandan, and which were characteristic of Anglo-Norman. Second, a similar analysis of the Jersey French texts is provided which points out the dialectal orthographic, phonetic, morphological, and lexical traits of modern-day Jersey French. Lastly, the dialectal traits found in the Anglo-Norman text are compared to those of the Jersey texts in order to determine whether any of the dialectal traits (orthographic, phonetic, morphological, or lexical) which were present in the medieval Anglo-Norman text are still present in the Jersey French texts of the 20th century.

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