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Vertical supply chains and international business Jing, Ran


This dissertation comprises three essays, each of which studies a business phenomenon in the context of vertical supply chains. The first essay studies the equity stakes that downstream producers hold in their upstream input suppliers. It applies and extends a property-rights model to make predictions concerning the size of such equity stakes and tests three main hypotheses using firm-level data from the Japanese auto parts industry. The second essay studies the impact of multinational retailers on China's exports. As the multinational retailers enter China, they may increase Chinese exports through linkages with distant markets where they have operations. Meanwhile, the presence of multinational retailers may stimulate productivity growth among local Chinese suppliers. Chinese city-level exports data are utilized to test and distinguish these two mechanisms. The third essay synthesizes, extends and illustrates the theory of exclusionary contracts. Two new channels though which exclusionary contracts in vertical supply chains could be anti-competitive are proposed. A recent antitrust case illustrates all incentives---the two established channels and the two new ones.

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