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Stability and reliability analysis of metal plate connected wood truss assemblies Song, Xiaobin


This thesis describes a study on the stability capacity and lateral bracing force of wood beam-columns and metal plate connected (MPC) wood truss assemblies. A user-friendly computer program, SATA, was developed based on the finite element method (FEM). The program can be used to perform three-dimensional nonlinear structural analyses by using the Newton-Raphson and arc-length methods. The Monte Carlo simulation and response surface methods have also been incorporated into the program for the purpose of reliability analyses. Experimental studies were conducted to provide input parameters and verification for the developed software. Material property tests were performed to consider a variety of materials. Biaxial eccentric compression tests of wood beam-columns and full-scale tests of MPC wood truss assemblies were also carried out to study the critical buckling load and lateral bracing force. The program predictions were in good agreement with the test results. A reliability analysis was conducted for a simplified MPC wood truss assembly using the developed program. The effect of the variation of the structural behaviour and external loads on the critical buckling load of the truss assembly was studied. The adequacy of the 2% rule-of-thumb was also studied. This research bridges the knowledge gap that currently exists in the understanding and design of MPC wood truss assemblies and their lateral bracing systems. The test database and the output of the developed program contributes to the development of more efficient design methods for MPC wood truss assemblies and other structures where buckling failure is of concern.

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