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Equivariant bordism and G-bundles Grguric, Izak


Let G be the cyclic group of 4 elements and H the subgroup of G of order 2. We study the actions of G on manifolds modulo the equivariant bordism relation by studying the equivariant bordism relation on G-vector bundles; specifically, we focus on G-vector bundles such that G action is free away from the zero section, and the isotropy group of each point in the base is equal to H. We obtain a complete set of characteristic numbers that deter mines when such a G-vector bundle is nulibordant. Using this result, we obtain a geometric splitting of the bordism classes of these bundles into ge ometrically simpler components. Furthermore, we determine a complete set of characteristic numbers for the bordism ring of G-manifolds. Finally, we generalize our results to a larger family of finite groups G.

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