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A pilot study exploring expressive arts with primary students to promote social competency Viljoen, Lisa Kim


This is a qualitative study exploring the effects of a creative-arts based intervention on the social competency of grade two students. Two boys and two girls who experienced problems with social competency and/or behaviour took part in the eight session intervention. Research into brain development and early trauma was used as the theoretical backing for developing a multi-sensory and narrative approach which included drumming, creating pictures in a sand tray, and story telling. The study used narrative analysis with a multiple case study approach. Transcriptions of each child’s stories and pictures of their sand trays were analysed for thematic development, and narrative cohesiveness. Parents and teachers were interviewed pre and post intervention to report any changes in each child’s behaviour. Results indicated that the intervention was well received by all the parents and students who participated. The intervention appeared to be most useful with the students who began the sessions with fragmented narratives. The benefit to these children included an increase in social competency, positive attitude, and calmer classroom behaviour.

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