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High dynamic range display andprojection systems Seetzen, Helge


The human visual system can perceive five orders of magnitude of simultaneous dynamic range of luminance values. Recent advances in image capture and processing have made it possible to create video content at this level of dynamic range but conventional displays are unable show this rich content. Modern display and projection systems cannot deliver more than three or four orders of dynamic range and are usually limited to lower luminance values than those found in real world environments. This dissertation describes high dynamic range display and projection systems which resolve this bottleneck in the video pipeline and deliver luminance ranges to the limit of human perception. The design of these systems is based on the concept of dual modulation which combines several lower dynamic range image modulation components to achieve higher dynamic range. An overview of relevant perceptual mechanisms, viewer preference with respect to higher dynamic range images, and perceptual validation studies are discussed in addition to several implementation examples of dual modulation systems.

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