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Emergent programatic form-ation : formulating a responsive process of designing architecture Madkour, Yehia


The increasing use of digital techniques in architectural design clearly exhibits the temptation to develop geometries of formal complexity. However, the conditions that influence form-making decisions are often too abstracted to address specific pragmatic references. Parametric modeling offers an approach to design capable of controlling multiple processes and transformations. On the other hand, it is still a challenge for the architect to deploy the particular conditions of context, user functions, and program based on a complex set of interrelated natural and social references in a parametric design system. This thesis illustrates how parametric modeling can be productively integrated into the current design and planning process in an urban setting. A series of explorations demonstrate parametric modeling’s potential to engage and coordinate a complex set of parameters that are used to integrate particular performance criteria into the digital design process at a variety of scales. This approach formulates a shift in the digital design process away from the ambiguity of formal complexity to a focus on programmatic spatial configurations. In each of the explorations, dynamic dependencies are created between the model and its influencing programmatic factors to develop a responsive interaction between the designer, the design model, and the references it reflects.

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