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GaAs₁₋xBix light emitting diodes : a new long wavelength semiconductor light source Lewis, Ryan B.


GaAs₁₋xBix is an exciting new semiconductor material, which has been pro posed as a new material for infrared light emitting devices. Recent ad vancements in the growth of GaAs₁₋xBix films have made it possible to produce GaAs₁₋xBix light emitting diodes for the first time. Throughout this research we have grown, fabricated and characterized GaAs₁₋xBix light emitting diodes. Similarly structured InxGa₁₋xAs light emitting diodes were also produced and characterized for comparison to the GaAs₁₋xBix devices. Strong electroluminescence was obtained from GaAs₁₋xBix devices, showing two emission peaks, one corresponding to the GaAs₁₋xBix layer and the other to the GaAs cladding. Emission from InxGa₁₋x_As devices was about 100 times brighter than from GaAs₁₋xBix devices. Temperature dependent electroluminescence and photoluminescence measurements of a GaAs₁₋xBix light emitting diode were made and showed some unusual results. The wavelength of the peak in the electroluminescence from the GaAs₁₋xBix was independent of temperature in the range 100 K to 300 K while the GaAs peak shifted with temperature as expected. Photoluminescence measurements on the same structure show temperature dependence of the peak wavelength similar to the temperature dependence of GaAs.

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