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Distortion correction and momentum representation of angle-resolved photoemission data Rosen, Jonathan Adam


Angle Resolve Photoemission Spectroscopy (ARPES) experiments provides a map of intensity as function of angles and electron kinetic energy to measure the many-body spectral function, but the raw data returned by standard apparatus is not ready for analysis. An image warping based distortion correction from slit array calibration is shown to provide the relevant information for construction of ARPES intensity as a function of electron momentum. A theory is developed to understand the calculation and uncertainty of the distortion corrected angle space data and the final momentum data. An experimental procedure for determination of the electron analyzer focal point is described and shown to be in good agreement with predictions. The electron analyzer at the Quantum Materials Laboratory at UBC is found to have a focal point at cryostat position 1.09mm within 1.00 mm, and the systematic error in the angle is found to be 0.2 degrees. The angular error is shown to be proportional to a functional form of systematic error in the final ARPES data that is highly momentum dependent.

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