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Two roads - no exit : an in camera discourse on negotiations in North America today McIntyre, Donald G.


This work is an interdisciplinary exploration of negotiations between the nations that make up Canada. It explores the disparity that remains between Aboriginals and non Aboriginals in Canadian North America at a systemic level. It will show that the postcolonial era is rampant with colonial doctrine and that these principles and policies maintain a dogmatic system that can not allow for the continued existence of Aboriginals as separate and distinct peoples. I will show my understanding and interpretation of an old Indigenous system and suggest ways in which aspects of this ancient system may be valuable in creating a coordination of world views that can allow for both factions to exist and prosper. I will specifically address how the differing world views that exist between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Canadians—and the inequality between these two groups of peoples—has been and remains infused in the negotiation process that these governments attempt to complete. The final aspect of this work will be a theatrical production piece that allows (in some small way) the traditional Indigenous approach to ‘law’ to be given equal weight as the Supreme Court in Delgamuukw suggests.

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