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On the existence of jet schemes logarithmic along families of divisors Staal, Andrew Philippe


A section of the total tangent space of a scheme X of finite type over a field k, i.e. a vector field on X, corresponds to an X-valued 1-jet on X. In the language of jets the notion of a vector field becomes functorial, and the total tangent space constitutes one of an infinite family of jet schemes Jm(X) for m ≥ 0. We prove that there exist families of “logarithmic” jet schemes JDm(X) for m ≥ 0, in the category of k-schemes of finite type, associated to any given X and its family of divisors D = (D₁, . . . ,Dr). The sections of JD₁(X) correspond to so-called vector fields on X with logarithmic poles along the family of divisors D = (D₁, . . . ,Dr). To prove this, we first introduce the categories of pairs (X,D) where D is as mentioned, an r-tuple of (effective Cartier) divisors on the scheme X. The categories of pairs provide a convenient framework for working with only those jets that pull back families of divisors.

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