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Image-based face recognition under varying pose and illuminations conditions Du, Shan


Image-based face recognition has attained wide applications during the past decades in commerce and law enforcement areas, such as mug shot database matching, identity authentication, and access control. Existing face recognition techniques (e.g., Eigenface, Fisherface, and Elastic Bunch Graph Matching, etc.), however, do not perform well when the following case inevitably exists. The case is that, due to some variations in imaging conditions, e.g., pose and illumination changes, face images of the same person often have different appearances. These variations make face recognition techniques much challenging. With this concern in mind, the objective of my research is to develop robust face recognition techniques against variations. This thesis addresses two main variation problems in face recognition, i.e., pose and illumination variations. To improve the performance of face recognition systems, the following methods are proposed: (1) a face feature extraction and representation method using non-uniformly selected Gabor convolution features, (2) an illumination normalization method using adaptive region-based image enhancement for face recognition under variable illumination conditions, (3) an eye detection method in gray-scale face images under various illumination conditions, and (4) a virtual pose generation method for pose-invariant face recognition. The details of these proposed methods are explained in this thesis. In addition, we conduct a comprehensive survey of the existing face recognition methods. Future research directions are pointed out.

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