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Legal, economic, and industrial relations considerations in workforce integrations following corporate mergers Hodge, Fraser Douglas


Over the past several decades the business world has witnessed countless corporate mergers of unlimited size and description. The ramifications of these events are profound and the impacts are felt in every walk of life. Canada is not exempt. Consolidation of workforces following corporate mergers has become a complex undertaking which defines the extent and scope of impact on every employee. Employees enjoy varying degrees of control or influence over protection of their working conditions and benefits accrued over their employment service. The extent of an employee's influence over the impact of his corporate merger is governed by his placement in the hierarchy of the corporation. Management employees have the least influence while highly unionized employees have the greatest influence. This thesis will explore the evolution of legal, economic, and industrial relations principles identifiable as governing an employee's ability to carry forward his earned benefits of employment primarily in the Canadian context with some view to the international context.

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