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Managerial competencies for information systems project success : development of a theoretical model and a proposed empirical investigation framework Zainuddin, Eruani


This study examines the link between managerial competencies and Information Systems outsourcing (ISO) project success under different types of outsourcing relationships. At present, ISO is a multi-billion dollar industry, and has spawned a new industry related to the management of outsourcing contracts. At the micro-level, ISO offers firms economic, strategic, and technical benefits. Various academic and industry publications have observed the critical importance of managerial competencies in influencing ISO project success. Yet, research that investigates the relationship between managerial competencies and ISO project success is scant. In this study, we developed a theoretical model along with a set of propositions that can be empirically tested. The model and propositions are based on theories that stem from economics (Transaction Cost Economics and Agency Theory), strategic management (core competence, and Resource-based View), and social (Relational Exchange Theory and Social Exchange Theory) perspectives. We also proposed an investigation framework utilizing the case study approach to guide future empirical studies. Our theoretical model and propositions indicate different patterns of managerial competencies for the client and vendor project managers within the different types of ISO relationships. Apart from an empirical study based on our theoretical model and propositions, future research can adapt and/or extend the model to study knowledge residing in other project stakeholders such as project directors, or to study other outsourcing context such as offshore outsourcing projects.

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