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Dynamic changes in haematopiotic stem cells after myocardial infarction Elmestiri, Mostafa Mohamed


Objective Increases in the number of CD34+ stem cells and progenitor cells in blood and infarcted areas after acute myocardial infarction (AMI) are a documented phenomenon. However, no study has yet reported on the dynamic changes in specific populations of adult stem cells, such as c-kit +Lin- cells or ckit + Lin - Sca1 + (KLS cells), following AMI. This study investigated the dynamic changes in these cells in multiple systems/organs following MI in mice. Methods The C57BU6J mice received either no surgery (normal control, n=6) or surgical ligation of the left anterior descending coronary artery to create AMI (n=24). On day-1 (n=7), -3 (n=5), -6 (n=6), and -12 (n=6) after AMI, mononuclear cells were isolated from theblood, spleen, and bone marrow, and stained with Lineage-PEcy7, c-kit-PE, and Sca1-APC antibodies. The c-kit +Lin - cell and KLS cell populations in the mononuclear cells were analyzed by FACS flowcytometry. Results The pattern of changes in the c-kit + Lin - cells was very similar to that in the KLS cells in the bone marrow, circulating blood, and spleen following AMI. There was a significant increase in these cells on day-3 in the bone marrow (c-kit +Lin- cells: 1.470 ± 0.094% vs control 1.127 ± 0.019%, and KLS cells: 0.365 ± 0.012 % vs control 0.1848 ± 0.019%, p<0.05), which then slowly declined from day-6 to -12. In the blood, these cells, particularly the KLS cells, decreased slightly from day-1 to -12. On day-3, -6, and -12 the cells increased continuously and significantly in the spleen, (on day 3, c-kit +Lin-cells: 0.253 ± 0.0107 % vs control 0.1305 ± 0.014 %; it was 0.3212 ± 0.028 % on day-6). (on day-6 KLS cells: 0.1078 ± 0.076 % vs control 0.0425 ± 0.0064 % while on day 12 it was 0.1174 ± 0.035 % p<0.05). Conclusion This study provides for the first time the longest observation of the dynamic changes of specific sub-groups of adult stem cells (c-kit +Lin- cells and KLS cells) in multiple systems following AMI. The study demonstrates that AMI results in significant changes, or mobilization, of these cells in the bone marrow, spleen, and blood. Significant and continuous accumulation of the cells in the spleen occurs following AMI, despite the decreased level of the cells in the blood. The role of the spleen in stem cell mobilization after AMI is unclear and requires further investigation.

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