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Compositions Chen, Ya-Chun


The thesis for the Master of Music degree in Composition consists of live performances of original works composed during graduate study. The student is expected to have written and performed approximately forty-five minutes of music for various media. My compositions were performed on January 27 (Autumn Fantasia) and February 20 (Five Elements) of 2006, and March 12 (Bounce!), 30 (The Little Fairy), April 3 (String Quartet No.1), August 15 (Ballads of Four Seasons) and November 19 (Three Pieces for Solo Violin) of 2007. Briefly, each work was written in different compositional approach such as the timbres, specific colors, textures, themes and rhythmic practices. Autumn Fantasia and The Little Fairy explore the transformations and developments of thematic material. Bounce! is a piece in the procedure of tempo modulations and polyrhythmic practices. The textural experiment is the "source" for String Quartet No. 1. In both Ballads of Four Seasons and Five Elements, I employed the oriental tone color (pentatonic scales) in one particular line combining with western-based (chromaticism) sonority and sounding in other parts. Finally, to accumulate every compositional skills and techniques, Three Pieces for Solo Violin is a work binding each practices altogether.

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