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Convergence of European, indigenous and popular idioms in the works of Peruvian composer Enrique Iturriaga Maloff, Nikolai


This document deals with the life and works of Peruvian composer Enrique Iturriaga (1918-) and provides an introduction to his solo piano works: Tres Piezas para Piano (1945) and Preg6n y Danza (1952). The piano works under study are from an early period in the composer's life, a time when he was assimilating musical styles from Europe. Chapter 1 is an overview of the state of Peruvian art music in the first half of the twentieth century, noting the contributions of foreign musicians who took up residence in Peru and exerted an important influence on the course of Peruvian art music in the post-war period. Chapter 2 is an account of Iturriaga's life. Particular attention is given to musical influences and the people who shaped his career as a composer. Chapter 3 is an overview of Iturriaga's works, excluding those for piano solo. Exemplary works from his three creative periods are discussed. Chapters 4 and 5 discuss the solo piano works of Iturriaga: Tres Piezas para Piano and Preg6n y Danza. Chapter 6 concludes the document by summarizing how Peruvian folk music serves as creative inspiration for Iturriaga's works. A comprehensive list of Iturriaga's works, with information on how to obtain them, is included as an appendix.

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