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Design and modeling of advanced gyroscopes Sharma, Mrigank


This thesis reports on a design and modeling of a micro-machined gyroscope. The proposed sensor is a dual mass type, electro-statically driven to primary mode oscillation and senses, capacitively, the output signal. Full decoupling between drive and sense modes minimizes the mechanical crosstalk and based on this a novel gyroscope is designed and modeled which has separate sensing and driving masses. The dual mass gyroscope is designed such that driving and sensing resonant frequency is 23101 Hz with 0% mismatch (in simulation)with quality factor of 31.6227 and bandwidth of 730.51Hz. The gyroscope when actuated in simulation with 25V ac and 10V dc showed sensing capacitance variation of 126aF for 1 rad/s with base capacitance of 244.16fF. To the design of the gyroscope a new semi automatic tool was formulated for the noise analysis and noise based optimization of the resonant MEMS structures. Design of a sensitive gyroscope needs to take into account the noise shaping induced by damping phenomena at micro scale and is critical for optimization. The analysis was further extended to the design of the gyroscope and estimation shows that there is a trade of between the S/N ratio and the sensitivity and the design could be made much better in-terms of S/N by tuning its resonant frequency to 10⁶Hz.

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