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Evaluation of linear-scheduling-based 4D modeling approaches Tangestani Zadeh, Amir Mohammad


Project teams face increasing pressure to deliver projects as quickly as possible. To satisfy these demands, contractors must explore various construction strategies to meet delivery dates. Using existing tools for large-scale horizontal and vertical projects characterized by significant repetition of components, the lack of ease with which alternative strategies can be formulated and evaluated precludes meaningful exploration. To address this problem, an approach has been developed at UBC that leverages a generalized implementation of linear scheduling coordinated with a 3D building information model to produce 4D images. This approach enables a more generic mapping mechanism between product and process models that works at multiple levels of detail. In this thesis, we compare this research-based approach with a commercial 4D platform that also employs linear scheduling concept to formulate its process model. This evaluation is based on a detailed case study of an actual high-rise construction project and it compares the development, functionality, and flexibility of the two approaches based on the features required of a 4D modeling environment with linear scheduling capabilities which facilitates the speedy formulation and evaluation of alternative construction strategies and which provides insightful visual feedback.

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