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Silver (I) catalyzed cycloisomerizations of enesulfonamides and enecarbamates Guieb, Krystle Dawn


Eight substrates with the general structure 11.0 were synthesized. The substrates differed with respect to the heteroatom tether (X = oxygen or nitrogen), nitrogen protecting group (PG = p-toluenesulfonamide, tert-butylcarbamate, methyl carbamate), and substitution on the ring (Y = H or Ph). Silver (I)-catalyzed cycloisomerizations of the enesulfonamide and enecarbamate substrates successfully gave eight diene products ll.la-h in poor to good yields (36-81%). Diene ll.Ia was also further subjected to the Diels Alder reaction, with acrolein and methacrolein to give tricyclic cycloadducts 11.21a and 11.22a.

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