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Structure-property relationships in cyclopentadienyliron containing compounds Vakili, Sarrah A. C.


Within this thesis, several classes of compounds containing cyclopentadienyliron complexes were prepared. These compounds were of the following four classes: linear polymers – containing ester, ether and thioether linkages with varying ratios of aliphatic to aromatic spacers within the backbone of the polymer; star-shaped molecules – discrete molecules containing either one or two branch points as well as ether and ester linkages within the backbone of the molecule; hyperbranched polymers – highly branched one-pot synthesis polymers with ether linkages for the polymeric backbone; and water soluble complexes and chelates – discrete molecules containing the amino acid cysteine used to induce water solubility in otherwise water insoluble compounds as well as their subsequent complexation/chelation to various transition and main group metals. For each of these classes, the thermal and spectroscopic properties were probed. In addition, the linear polymers were demetallated to examine the influence of the metal on the aforementioned compounds as well as the molecular weights. Various viscometric parameters were examined for the star-shaped, linear and hyperbranched polymers. The degree of branching and molecular weights of the hyperbranched polymers were determined. For the novel water soluble complexes and chelates, biological testing along with increased spectroscopic data was collected and will be presented. Keywords: cyclopentadienyliron, thermal anaylsis, spectroscopic anaysis, viscometry, transition metals, iron, polymer, star-shaped molecules, hyperbranched polymers, metal coordination.

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