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Deposition of droplets onto solid objects in aerosol flow Petkovic, Bojan


In this work, the effect of velocity on deposition coefficients and capture efficiencies on a circular disk, placed normal to an aerosol flow was investigated. The superficial gas velocity was varied in the range of 0.1 m/s to 1.5 m/s, while the volume median diameter of the droplet size distribution varied between 3.9 and 7.5 microns. The morphology and distribution of deposits on the upstream and downstream surface of the disk were observed and measured. The effect of contact angles (20°, 51°, 94°) on deposition, and dry vs. wet surface effects were also investigated. It was found that in the range of velocity and droplet sizes investigated, deposition on the upstream side was dominated by the inertial impaction mechanism. Capture efficiencies increased with velocity and droplet size, and could be explained by the inertial impaction mechanism from the upward flow, using the potential flow approximation. For the downstream side, capture efficiencies increased with droplet size and showed a minimum with velocity. It is postulated that the governing deposition mechanism for the downstream side is the inertial impaction mechanism with gravity in the flow direction. On the upstream side, it was found that deposits were concentrated closer to the coupon edge, while on the downstream side, the distribution of deposits on the surface was uniform. In the range of investigated contact angles, there was no significant difference observed between the deposition rates. The same can be said for the effect of dry vs. wet coupon surface.

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