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Exploring how level of training, inclusion, and problem behaviour affect student-teacher relationships for students with autism spectrum disorders Brown, Jacqueline A


This study examined the quality of relationships between students with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and their classroom teachers and Special Educational Assistants (SEAs). Specifically, it examined how level of inclusion, problem behaviour, adaptive behaviour, and amount of training in ASD affects the student-teacher and student-SEA relationship. Participants were 15 students with ASD receiving inclusive education in grades K through three, their classroom teachers, and SEAs. Teachers and SEAs completed rating scales assessing problem behaviour, adaptive behaviour, and the quality of student-teacher relationships. Analyses consisted of Pearson correlations and multiple regressions to identify which alterable variables can be targeted to improve the relationships between students with ASD and their teachers. Results showed that the level of problem behaviour and percent of student inclusion were significantly related to the student-teacher relationship, but not the student-SEA relationship. These results are discussed with regard to previous and future research, limitations, and implications for supporting students with ASD.

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