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The experience of going through the forensic psychiatric system for mentally disordered offenders : a patients' view on what helps and what hinders Harabalja, Devon


This study examined helping and hindering factors that influence the experiences of forensic psychiatric patients in the forensic system, and describes implications for practice. A qualitative approach was used to delineate which factors patients report are helpful and which ones are reported as hindering within a forensic inpatient hospital. Ten participants were interviewed using Critical Incident Technique to elicit their experiences since coming to a Forensic Psychiatric Inpatient Hospital. Results indicated that the factors that were helpful were: talking with staff, programming and services, and taking prescribed medications. Hindering factors included: exposure to illicit drugs, exposure to violence, programming and services, stigmatism, living on a maximum security ward, lack of respect from the staff, and concerns involving prescribed medication. The results of this research are discussed in light of how this present research supports the extant research and theories. Implications and recommendations at both a clinician and system level within forensic psychiatric services are offered.

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