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Diamonds in an Archean greenstone belt : a study of diamonds and host meta-conglomerate from Wawa (northern Ontario) Bruce, Loryn Frances


I studied a diamondiferous Archean meta-conglomerate from Wawa (North Ontario), part of the Michipicoten Greenstone Belt (MGB) of the Superior Craton. Field observations determined the 170 m thick meta-conglomerate displays poorly sorted, matrix to clast supported and massive to bedded textures. Petrographic and SEM analyses determined it was metamorphosed in the greenschist facies. Twenty-four clast types were identified and classified into groups: igneous with subophitic texture; coarse-grained felsic; vesicular igneous; porphyritic mafic; porphyritic felsic; untextured volcanic; chert-like, unidentifiable clasts rich in chlorite, and opaques. The pebble - cobble sized clasts are derived from nearby meta-volcanic and meta-sedimentary rocks. Predominance of local volcanic clasts confirms the meta-conglomerate formed as a Timiskaming type deposit, between 2700.4±1.0 Ma and 2697.2±1.8 Ma. 383 diamonds (

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