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Lithology constraints from seismic waveforms : application to opal-A to opal-CT transition Maysami, Mohammad


In this work, we present a new method for seismic waveform characterization, which is aimed at extracting detailed litho-stratigraphical information from seismic data. We attempt to estimate the lithological attributes from seismic data according to our parametric representation of stratigraphical horizons, where the parameter values provide us with a direct link to nature of lithological transitions. We test our method on a seismic dataset with a strong diagenetic transition (opal-A to opal-CT transition). Given some information from cutting samples of well, we use a percolation-based model to construct the elastic profile of lithological transitions. Our goal is to match parametric representation for the diagenetic transition in both real data and synthetic data given by these elastic profiles. This match may be interpreted as a well-seismic tie, which reveals lithological information about stratigraphical horizons.

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