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A multi-agent security system for Android platform Cheng, Zhiyong


The Android mobile platform is fast becoming the most popular operating system for mobile devices. Although Android security is an emerging research area and there have been many commercial and research solutions made available, the resource constrained nature of mobile devices dedicates a continuous pursuit for efficiencies. In this thesis, we present the design and implementation of a multi-agent security system on the Android platform, which is built on the Foundation for Intelligent Physical Agents (FIPA) specifications compliant Java Agent Development framework (JADE). A prototype system is implemented and studied. In our design, the agents in the prototype system are aware of resource constraints such as battery capacity, network bandwidth, and dynamically adjust their behaviors accordingly to achieve a balance between the resources consumption and security needs. Following an analysis and design methodology recommended by JADE and Android development guidelines, the prototype system provides compatibility with other multi-agent systems and allows easy adaptations to many security scenarios. Several baseline performance measurements are adopted to measure the efficiency of the prototype system.

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