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Managing on-line submission and marking of programming assignments Dindar, Nuray


This thesis describes an on-line system for the management and marking of course materials. The interface is tailored to provide administrative benefits, and time and resource savings while taking privacy, security and reliability into account. There are three user roles in the system. Instructors use the system to manage the course material, design the marking rubrics for assessment, assign teaching assistants to mark assignments and receive feedback from students regarding exceptions and special needs. Teaching assistants evaluate students’ works electronically by accessing students’ files on-line. Each student enrolled in a course has a secure personal ”pickup directory” (web page) to access his/her submitted materials, the corresponding marking reports, specific deadlines for his/her lab section, and other personal course-related information including responses to polls and seating preferences for exams. We have used our system in an introductory-level computer science course offered at University of British Columbia with 190 students and eight teaching assistants.

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