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Isosurface stuffing improved: acute lattices and feature matching Doran, Crawford


We present two improvements to Labelle and Shewchuk's isosurface stuffing algorithm for tetrahedral mesh generation. First, we use an acute tetrahedral lattice known as the A15 lattice in place of the original BCC lattice. In the uniform case, the higher-quality tetrahedra of A15 significantly improve the quality of the resulting mesh; BCC remains the best choice for adaptive meshes, as the A15-based adaptive lattices we have designed are not able to outperform it. Second, we extend the method to match features such as corners and sharp creases. Feature lines and points are matched by snapping nearby mesh vertices onto them. A final vertex smoothing pass mitigates the loss of mesh quality due to feature-matching. Our experiments show that for input surfaces with reasonable crease angles, this is generally sufficient to restore mesh quality.

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