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Globally consistent space-time reconstruction South-Dickinson, Ian James


We present a novel algorithm for space-time reconstruction of deforming meshes. Based on partial meshes at every frame, and sparse optical flow information between frames, we reconstruct a globally consistent, crossparameterized, and hole filled sequence of meshes. Our method is based on pair-wise merging of frame sequences while correcting for changes in topology, filling in missing geometry, and repairing inconsistencies. We also introduce a robust method for filling in missing geometry in each frame of the sequence using geometry from another frame. Using this method we can propagate geometry over the full frame sequence, correcting errors and filling in holes even in regions of the object that are not observed in the input meshes for extended periods of time. Unlike other approaches, our method does not require template geometry, nor is it limited to narrow classes of objects or purely isometric deformations.

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