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Composable and reusable whole-system offline dynamic analysis Lefebvre, Geoffrey


This thesis describes the design, implementation, and evaluation of a dynamic program analysis framework called Tralfamadore. Three key aspects differentiate Tralfamadore from traditional dynamic analysis frameworks. First, analyses execute offline based on detailed CPU traces. This approach enables multiple analyses on the same execution, and analyses not foreseen at the time of execution. Using detailed traces also decouples analysis from instrumentation, simplifying the design of analyses and of the framework. Second, Tralfamadore supports the analysis of operating system execution. Third, the architecture of the analysis engine promotes the construction of analyses that are composable and reusable. New analyses can be written by mostly reusing existing components. Although these aspects have been investigated in isolation in the past, Tralfamadore is the first dynamic analysis framework to address all three at once.

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